Welcome to McSira, specialists for cutting edge products,
technologies and solutions for military and security agencies.

Efficient, Fast and Easy explosive detection and identification kits

Cutting Edge Field Tools, for bomb disposal units and special units, in combat situations.

Extract water from the ambient air humidity and supply cold, fresh and healthy drinking water for the vehicle`s crew.

Under Vehicle Inspection System for government offices, Embassies, border checkpoints, sporting events and other sensitive sites.

Jamming Systems
Immobilize all communication with cellular or satellite phones, which are programmed to remotely activate planted bombs.

Large range of Day and Night observation devices
for mobile airborne, or marine application.

Range Simulator
Realistic video-based environments with all the hard realities of a real operation.

Mobile Data Extraction
Probably the best tool worldwide for retrieving and analyzing data from mobile phones.

McSira Weapon Storing Systems
Professional equipment for Police and Military shooting range, designed for any size of weapon.
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