The UFED is probably the best tool worldwide for retrieving data (deleted and non-deleted) from mobile phones for police, military, custom, air port and other security agencies.

The The UFED Forensics system empowers law enforcement, investigations and computer crime detectives to capture critical forensic evidence from mobile phones, Smartphones and PDAs.                     

UFED extracts vital data such as phonebook, camera pictures, videos, audio, text messages, call logs, ESN IMEI, ICCID and IMSI information from over 3000 handset models, including Symbian, Microsoft Mobile, Blackberry and Palm OS devices.

UFED analysis includes memory dump analysis, providing access to system files and deleted messages.

Portable and easy to operate, the Ruggedized UFED can be used in the GSM forensic lab as well as in the field, including a ruggedized UFED, battery-powered kit pack.

UFED enables SIM ID cloning, allowing for phone analysis without network activity, and creating a duplicate identity of the original SIM card.

Battery-Powered Flexibility is part of the Ruggedized UFED System by McSira.
The Ruggedized UFED version runs on a powerful rechargeable battery pack, providing over 4 hours of continuous operations between charging.

With Ruggedized UFED System, recharging the CelleBrite UFED is easy using the standard AC power source or the in-vehicle car adapter.

McSira is the authorized agent and distributor in Belgium and Luxembourg of the UFED Ruggedized kit, UFED Standard kit and provides service after sale.
McSira provides its clients with a help desk and online support in three languages.

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